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… but how to get started?

On 1 September 2014, marking the 1st day of spring in South Africa, I decided to start my own blog. I was quite eager to get started. So where and how to get started?

Well, my Microsoft Azure account allows me to host 10 free sites. Hosting – Check

What about blogging software? Looking around on the interwebs I came across a small piece of software which the developers flouted as the best blogging software around, they even have a following of theme designers, either free or paid. It even supports plugins (free and paid of course). Looking around on Azure I even found an quick installation for the blogging software to install on my site. By know most of you would have guessed that I’m talking about WordPress. Blogging software – Check

So what to name my site? I didn’t think that http://sitename.azurewebsites.net would be that great a name for me, so I decided to stick with the name I ‘m quite familiar with, my own. So I headed off to GoDaddy and purchased riaandewet.com. – Domain – Check

I installed WordPress on my Azure websites, assigned my domain name to the site, fiddled around on WordPress a bit to setup and configure a template and some of the basic settings. – WordPress Setup – Check (although I still need to spend some more time familiarising myself with everything WordPress related)

Feeling good with what I accomplished in such a short time and with the adrenaline pumping I set out to write my first blog post. A short piece introducing myself to the blogosphere. Happy with the results, I pressed publish. – 1st Blog Posted – Check

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And so starts my journey…

I’ve been contemplating for a while now on whether I should start my own blog or not.

Thoughts about what I would or should write about, and whether there would be anyone interested in my writings held me back for quite a while.

And today, 1 September 2014, marking the first day of Spring in South Africa, the decision was been made. So I registered my domain with GoDaddy, setup my WordPress on Windows Azure, and here we are.

This is only the start. I’m new to blogging, and also new to WordPress. Mistakes will be made, themes will be corrupted, lessons will be learnt.

So what will I be blogging about? I’m a developer, IT-Pro and entrepreneur so my writings and thoughts will mainly pertain to these topics. I will appreciate any comments, advice, suggestions and the like. I only ask that we keep all comments civil and on topic.

Hi, my name is Riaan and this is my blog.